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T-Bright Culture

Tolerant --- Tolerance in mind and return with good instead of revenge.

Responsible --- Undertake responsibility and become a bellwether.

Generous --- Generous and not selfish.

Insistent --- Insistent and create bright future.


T-Bright Quality Guideline

Customize Products – Upgrade Value – Dare to Innovation – Strive for Excellence


T-Bright Development and Position

●High technology direction: the production and application technology of new materials, polymer materials and new functional polymer materials, to carry out the technical research and development of environment friendly products, waterborne products and application service and promote marketing activities.

Develop actively towards a new technology enterprise withgoal- “High R&D, Light Asset”, focusing on own technology research and marketing andoutsourced production or in other provinces.

Strive to become a bellwether with advanced technology in the industry through 3~5 years of continuous investment in science and technology and industrialization development.

T-Bright Science and Technology Innovation

We have a science and technology comprehensive building with a total area of around 3,800 square meters, in which laboratories were established with new facilities for research of new product, for technology application, for product performance testing and for product demonstration, also served as a training center.

We possessed a number of professional and technical personnel with strong technicalbackground and extensive experience, initially setting up a technology R&D team of nearly 20 research and development personnel.

We establish strategic cooperation with world-famous companies like BYK-Chemie GmbH from German (high quality coating additives supplier) and Total Special Fluids from France (green mineral oil pesticide) and develop together on the technology research of new product application and service.

We carry out the production-study-research cooperation with China Agricultural University, Taiwan National United University and so on and become a social practice base for university students of Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Taiwan National United University.

We have successfully applied 2 technology and innovation projects on “Transformation and Upgrading of Innovation Development” of Kunshan in 2016.

T-Bright Projects Promoting

High-performance waterborne coating resin. Water-based products are the only way of coating industry development. It is significantto protect the environment andsecure safetyby fundamentally eliminating poisonous, harmful, flammable and explosive hazard factors in solvent-based products. T-Bright is carrying out projects including organosilicone-modified waterborne polyurethanes, ambient self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion and waterborne polyurethanes graphene nano composite materials, part of which have come to the stage of marketing and application.

Functional coating additives. It enhances the marketing promotion of functional coating additives by customized service and experiential service (training and experiment in laboratory).

Pollution-free mineral oil pesticide. Mineral oil pesticides use physical choking principle to eliminate pests, with biodegradable and less damage to environment (soil and water), which is distinctively different from traditional chemical synthetic pesticides, which is harmless to human, animals and insects,. Mineral oil pesticides conform to the production requirements of international “organic food” and sustainable development of green agriculture in our country. T-Bright work closely with Total France and China Agricultural University and conduct technical research on mineral oil emulsification and field experiments of pesticide application. Now the products have come up to the Chinese Market.


T-Bright Development Prospect

Becoming enterprise workstation for postgraduate in Jiangsu Province.

To be qualified as national high and new technology enterprise.

To establish the testing service platform as the third party.

To build the R&D and application base of environment friendly polymer materials.

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