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Recruitment post:Senior R&D Engineer in Pesticide Dept.
Release time: 2016-09-28
Recruitment number:1

No. of Staff Required: 1;

Education Requirements: Bachelor or above;

Major Requirements: Major in Agronomy, Plant Protection or relevant

Job Description:

1) Responsible for the registration of Pesticide Production License and relevant certifications;

2) Optimize exploitation, based on company existing pesticide products, and deal with relevant permission qualification;

3) Responsible for the declaration of agricultural science and technology and relevant scientific research projects, the application of various kinds of funds;

4) Per the scientific research project specification, implement scientific research projects of company and form the scientific and technological achievements via articles, patents and etc.;

5) Carry out trial and promotion of pesticide products;

6) Coordinate with other departments for related assignments.

Job Requirements:

1) Major in Agronomy or relevant, solid expertise. Familiar with the agricultural production license and the related policies, regulation and national standards;

2) 10+ years of experience in pesticides research and development and related, bachelor degree or above. Relevant experience in dealing with pesticide production license and registration process. It is a plus to have experience in patents or publishing in journals;

Strong ability of communication and coordination, creative thinking, sense of responsibility and professional dedication.

Recruitment post:IT Specialist
Release time: 2016-09-28
Recruitment number:1

No. of Staff Required:1;

Education Requirements: Junior college or above;

Major Requirements: Computer or related.

Job Description:

1) Maintain normal operation of the information system in company, collect feedback of system problems and perfect system functions;

2) Maintain software and hardware of system, periodically test, optimize and update, and ensure good running of equipment;

3) Install, maintain and debug the server, computers, printers and other facilities in company;

4) Assist supervisor for other assignments.

Job Requirements:

1) Major in Computer or related, junior college or above and 2+ years of experience in IT relevant;

Serious, responsible, teamwork spirit and long-term serve in company.

Recruitment post:Assistant for Product R&D Dept
Release time: 2016-09-28
Recruitment number:1

No. of Staff Required: 1;

Education Requirements: Bachelor or above;

Major Requirements: Chemical Engineering or related preferred.

Job Description:

1) Assist supervisor in management of the department and communication with other departments;

2) Collect, sort and file up the materials in the department;

3) Take charge of department purchasing;

4) Arrange and record department meetings;

5) Complete various operational reports;

6) Manage the inventory of experimental samples.

Job Requirements:

1) Good image and temperament;

2) Bachelor or above; preferred good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3) Familiar with business and social etiquette;

4) Good at Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, etc.;

5) Serious, meticulous, businesslike, logical, good professionalism and professional ethics;

6) Confidential, dedicated, hard-working and teamwork spirit;

7) Strong ability in communication with internal and external.

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