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Press Interview by Kunshan Daily on Science and Technology Innovation Activities

date: 2016-10-19
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In the morning of Oct.19, 2016, accompanied by officers of Bacheng Town, Journalist Guichang Song, who is theassistant director of the All-Media Collection Center in Kunshan Daily and the director of Civil News Dept. and Feature Report Dept.,visited T-Bright and gave an interview on science and technology innovation activities.

2016 is the first yearto carry out deeply “public entrepreneurship and innovation” in China,and the second year to implement “six-year action plan of transformation, upgrading, innovation and development”. In order to find the typical cases of science and technology innovation activities in enterprises, to promote the transformation, upgrading and innovation and development in enterprises, Kunshan daily will set up a column for publicity in the near future.

Journalist Song listens carefully to the introduction of science and technology innovation activities in T-Bright, given by President Chungkuang, Chen, learns more about the interested topics and exchanged views on common issues. Journalist Song also visits T-Bright’s laboratory for the research and application of new product and technology.

After over 2 hours’ interview, Journalist Song gave high comment on T-Bright’s establishment of science and technology projects, investment on science and technology, team building of research and development, technical cooperation for production and study and management mode of science and technology.

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