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Visited by officers from the Transformation and Upgrading Office. in Kunshan Government

date: 2016-10-13
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In the afternoon of Oct. 13, 2016, a six-member team come to T-Bright for site visits, led by Mr. Zhiliang Xu, assistant director of the transformation and upgrading office in Kunshan, and Mr. Hua Wang, deputy party secretary in Bacheng Town, the 6 officers from transformation and upgrading office in Bacheng Town and office in Kunshan visited T-Bright.

For the full implementation of national innovation-driven strategy, highlight of enterprise innovation subject, acceleration in innovation development of regional transformation and upgrading, it was implemented “six-year action plan of transformation, upgrading, innovation and development” in Kunshan from 2015. Two declaration guidelines, “Technical Special in Kunshan in 2016” and “Science and Technology Innovation Projects in Kunshan in 2016” were jointly issued by Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau and Leading Group Office of Transformation and Upgrading.

Two science and technology cooperation projects carried out by T-Bright & Taiwan National United University and T-Bright & China Agricultural University, are respectively official approved as “the International and Foreign Science and Technology Project” and “Customer-made Backup Science and Technology Achievements Project” in Kunshan.

The officers listen to T-Bright’s report of projects progress, visit the R&D laboratories and device facilities and hope T-Bright to take the opportunity of project cooperation to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

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