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Listing Date: 2016-09-28

Ingredient: Hydroxyl acrylic resin

Appearance: White semi transparent

Solid Content: 38±2%

Viscosity: 100-1500 mPa·s

PH: 7.0-9.0

OH content: 2.2%

MFFT : 35℃

Storage Time: 12months (Between 5-35 degrees, avoid freezing, light)

Ⅰ. [Product Features]

1、This product adopts advanced technology, good fluidity and leveling properties, good transparency and gloss, good compatibility with curing agent。

2、This product has good alcohol resistance and salt resistance。

3、The dry film has high hardness on the basis of ensuring flexibility。

4、Good aluminum arrangement effect

Ⅱ.[Product application]

1 The paint can be used for plastic paint, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other acrylic emulsion and polyurethane dispersion.。

2 Can be used for high-grade wood paint。

3 Used as a varnish, color paint and water-based varnish, high gloss, fast drying。

4 Recommended NCO:OH ratio of about 1.3-1.6

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