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Product name:

Vaccine Adjuvants

Listing Date: 2016-11-10

1. Approved in the following standards:

-European Pharmacopoeia, Sixth Edition - Light Liquid Paraffin

-US Pharmacopoeia: USP 32 - NF 27 - Light Mineral Oil

-FDA 21CFR §178.3620 (a) - White Mineral Oil

2. Specific applications:

-Direct / indirect food contact


-pharmaceutical / medical

3. Such as:

-White oil for plastic

-Elastomeric materials and medical rubber

-Food industry cleaning

-Food packaging


Product Description

Ⅰ. Product Performance:

EOLANE mineral oil range is dedicated to the development of adjuvants with enhanced performances. To strike the best balance between efficacy and viscosity, Total has developed extremely pure products with low naphthenic compound content.

-Highly purified range (extremely low PAH content required by pharmacopeia)

-Narrow carbon distribution, low molecular weight substance

-Uniform dispersion of micron-size droplets of oil

-Improved emulsion stability

-Reduced emulsion viscosity

-Reduced adverse side effects

Ⅱ. Action Mechanism

-Adjuvant cover antigen, lessenand slowdown antigen release, prolong antigen to stimulate the body

-Emulsion cause inflammation at injection sites,supports to stimulate immune cells gathering and proliferation, enhances humoral and cellular immune response

-Specific antigen is packaged in oil droplets to protect it from rapid degradation by enzymes, and modify electric charges of antigen to enhancebody immunity

-Emulsion transportspecific antigen in injection sites to the whole lymph nodes around body and spleen by lymphatic system in order to produce new stimulus and antibody

Ⅲ.Product Category

Product is mainly divided into EOLANE 130andEOLANE 170

Ⅳ. Advantage

-Low viscosity,high purify, excellent efficacy

-best emulsion properties

-Extremely low PAH content required by pharmacopeia

-narrow and equably carbon distribution with low molecular weight, better stability if mixing EOLANE 130 andEOLANE 170

.Excellent Property

PropertiesUnitsMethodsEolane 130Eolane 170
Density at 15°Ckg/m3ASTM D 4052810822
Viscosity at 40°CcStASTM D 4454,17,1
Flash Point°CASTM D 93135151
Pour Point°CASTM D 97-18-18
IBP°CASTM D 86275290
FBP°CASTM D 86325375
C - distribution, 10%-90% distillation
ASTM D 2887C16-C20C18-C24
C - distribution, 50% distillation
ASTM D 2887C18C21
aromatic contentppmTS IL 14(U.V.)<300<300
BenzeneppmASTM D 6229<1<1
polycyclic aromaticsppmASTM D 6229<1<1
CAS Number

European Pharmacopeia, Sixth Edition - Light Liquid Paraffin

US Pharmacopeia: USP 32 - NF 27 - Light Mineral Oil

FDA 21CFR §178.3620 (a) - White Mineral Oil

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