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Solvent for Coatings

Listing Date: 2016-11-10

Product Category:

White Mineral Oil(SPIRDANE),

Refined Kerosene(KETRUL),


Refined Paraffin Solvents(HYDROSEAL),

Aromatic solvents(SOLVAREX,Toluene,Xylene)

Product Description:

All kinds of coatings formulation needs to satisfy withspecificationrequired which is based on applied condition such as indoor or outdoor, substrate (wood, metal, plastic and fiber and so on) and temperature (air-drying, baking). Formulator should select suitable raw material in order to get property in balance to meetstandard. Solvent is very important factor in both water-born and solvent-borncoatings during it reacts to film. Solvent directly influences final coatings film property in drying schedule, film formation temperature, hardness and viscosity and so on.

White Mineral Oil(SPIRDANE)

Ⅰ.Outstanding performance

-Very high purity

-Good dissolving capacity to alkyd resin

-Wide array of evaporation rate

-Very low aromatic or benzene content


-SPIRDANE is well-known as its high purity in de-aromatization

-D40 and D60 is widely used in resin manufacture, coatings and clear coat formulation

-Used in high solid content coatings and clear coat as its outstanding solubility

-Applied in low VOCs coatings formulation with water or without water

-Used in other industry including to diluent, paint brush stripper, cleaner and degreasant

Ⅲ.Excellent property

Property Method UnitL1D25D30D40D60
Density(15℃)EN ISO 12185KG/M3748771771775791
IBPEN ISO 3405137143148156182
FBPEN ISO 3405157163172198216
Surface Tension(20℃)Calculated ValueKPA0.7220.4380.4310.250.059
Evaporation RateDIN53170Ether=122222765200
Aniline PointISO 29776663676873
Flash PointASTMO93 --344465
EN ISO 137362428---

Refined Kerosene(KETRUL)

Ⅰ.Outstanding performance

-Deep hydro-dearomatization

-High boiling point

-Slow evaporation rate

-Low volatile rate


-Widely used in decorative paint to adjust evaporation rate and drying period and so on

-Taken as effective cleaner with strong solvency

-Applied in other industry including to diluent, paint brush stripper, cleaner and degreasant

Ⅲ.Excellent property

Property Method UnitD75D80D85D100
Density(15℃)EN ISO 12185KG/M3809820816810
Flash Point (Pensky-Martens)ASTM 93 777685103
IBPEN ISO 3405199201213233
FBPEN ISO 3405253239241264
Aniline PointISO 297771706980
Evaporation RateDIN53170Ether=16008001000>1000


Ⅰ.Outstanding performance

-Very high purity

-Low odor

-Low surface tension

-Narrow carbon distribution


-Applyin more and more odorless coatings formulation as its high purity and low odor

-Offer outstanding wetting property with low surface tension

-Become key factor in most decorative paint as its special property

Ⅲ.Excellent property

Property Method UnitIP100IP120IP140IP155IP175IP185IP200

Density(15℃)ASTM D 4052KG/M3728765771746763765775
Flash Point (Pensky-Martens)ASTM D 93 2122844646671
IBPASTM D 86102110143158185187192
FBPASTM D 86123150163174196206238
Aniline PointASTM D 61159576378818181
Evaporation RateDIN53170Ether=1682236120200250
 Surface TensionNF EN 14370mN/m22.522.0 20.721.223.525.324.6

Refined Paraffin Solvents(HYDROSEAL)

Ⅰ.Outstanding performance

-VOCs free

-High purity

-Non-irritating to skin

-Low odor


-Widely formulate in decorative paint to reduce VOC content as its VOCs free(BP is more than 250 ℃)

-Get better levelling andlonger open time only adding little Hydroseal into formulation

Ⅲ.Excellent property

Property Method UnitG240HG250HG270H
Density(15℃)ASTM D4052KG/M3817816811
IBPASTM D86254256260
FBPASTM D86282329291
Flash Point (Pensky-Martens)ASTM D93116119123
Aniline PointASTM D611849187

Aromatic solvents(SOLVAREX,Toluene,Xylene)

Ⅰ.Outstanding performance

-High dissolving capacity

-Suitable to Alkyd resin production

-Wide range of evaporation rate

-Very low Naphthalene Content


-Toluene and Xylene has used in coatings from formulation, cleaner to resin production for a long time

-Designed for Alkyd resin production, applied in Alkyd resin coatings formulation simultaneously

-The more phenylethane replace needs in market, the more it is applied in coatings formulation design

Ⅲ.Excellent property

Property Method UnitTolueneXyleneOrtho-XyleneOrtho-XyleneSOLVAREX 10SOLVAREX 10LN
Density(15℃)ASTM D 4052KG/M3870870884875890890
IBPEN ISO 3405110137144160188185
FBPEN ISO 3405111142145175215200
Naphthalene ContentMS%---0.00250.5
Evaporation RateDIN53170Ether=16151536130150
Flash PointASTMO93 ----6865
EN ISO 13736426 2543--
Aniline Point(by Mixture)ASTM D 4052

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