Tolerance --- tolerance for bearing, good for bad;

Undertake --- take responsibility and lead by example;

Let go --- let go of the ego to become a bigger one;

Firmness --- firm faith to create the future;

Same light quality policy

Tailoring - promoting value - being brave in innovation - pursuing excellence

Tongguang Development Positioning

·Focusing on the national high-tech field, carry out technology research and development, application services and market promotion activities of environment-friendly and water-based fine chemicals; Carry out technical cooperation in the field of biomedicine and realize the industrialization of biomedicine products.

·Actively build a new science and technology enterprise that focuses on technology research and development and product marketing and adopts the mode of entrusted processing or off-site factory building.

·Through three to five years of continuous scientific and technological investment and industrial development, we strive to become a leading technology giant in the industry.

Tongguang Technology Innovation

·A science and technology complex with a total floor area of about 3800 square meters has been built, and a new product research and development laboratory, an application technology laboratory and a product performance testing, product display and technology exchange training center with advanced facilities have been established.

·A technical R&D team consisting of nearly 20 R&D personnel has been formed by introducing a number of professional and technical talents with profound technical skills and rich work experience.

·Carry out strategic cooperation with the internationally famous German Bike Chemical Company (high-quality paint additives) to jointly carry out research on new product application technology and customer application technology services.

·We have carried out industry university technical cooperation with Suzhou University, Taiwan National Union University and other universities, and become a social practice base for graduates of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Taiwan National Union University and Suzhou University.

Promotion of Tongguang Industry

·High performance water-based paint resin. Waterborne coating is the only way to develop the coating industry. It is of great and far-reaching significance for environmental protection and fire safety to fundamentally eliminate the toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive hazards of solvent based coating products. The company is carrying out research projects such as silicone modified waterborne polyurethane resin, room temperature self crosslinking acrylic lotion, waterborne polyurethane graphene nanocomposites, and some products have entered the stage of market promotion and application.

·Functional paint additives. Through tailoring services (providing customers with personalized technical solutions) and experiential services (on-site laboratory training guidance), we solved technical problems encountered in the application of additives for customers, and promoted the market promotion of functional paint additives.