The reporter of Kunshan Daily came to our company to cover scientific and technological innovation a

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On the morning of October 19, 2016, accompanied by the leaders of Bacheng Town, Song Guichang, the deputy director of the All Media Collection Center of Kunshan Daily and the director of the People's Livelihood News Department and the Special Publications Department, came to our company for a special interview on scientific and technological innovation activities.


This year is the year when 'mass entrepreneurship and innovation' has been carried out in depth in China, and also the second year when Kunshan City's 'six-year action plan for transformation, upgrading, innovation and development' has been implemented. In order to explore typical cases of enterprise science and technology innovation activities and promote enterprise transformation, upgrading, innovation and development, Kunshan Daily will recently open a column for publicity.

Journalist Song listened carefully to the introduction of Chairman Chen Chongguang of Tongguang Company on the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation activities, understood the issues of interest in detail, exchanged and discussed the common focus issues, and visited the company's new product research and development and application technology laboratory.


After more than two hours of interviews, reporter Song gave a high evaluation of Tongguang's practices in the establishment of scientific research projects, investment in scientific research funds, construction of research and development teams, production and learning technology cooperation and scientific and technological management mode.


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