Large animal experiment of bone implant products officially launched

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Tongguang Biological '3D Printing Absorbable Orthopedic Implants' Project Large Animal Experiment was officially launched on July 1, 2021. In this experiment, beagle dogs were selected to construct the femoral condyle bone defect model, and the test sample was implanted into the bone defect site to simulate its clinical application. A total of 45 beagles (18 months old and 12 kg in weight) were used in the experiment, and were divided into three groups (test group, control group and blank group) for comparative test.


X-ray and CT scanning were carried out according to the experimental time node. After dissection, micro CT scanning, anatomical gross observation, and histopathological changes were carried out on the bone tissue of the implant site to evaluate the bone growth, investigate the safety and effectiveness of the test article applied to bone defect healing, and provide a basis for clinical application.



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