2018 T-Bright Technology Product Technology Seminar

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In March, in the early spring of the recovery of everything, our company held the 2018 T-Bright Technology Product Technology Seminar at Kunshan Crown Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel to build a display platform for our new products, and more importantly, to build an intercommunication platform for customers and our technical exchanges and experience sharing.

In this product technology seminar, we made the following introduction:

A new field - GEasy e-patrol point inspection system, which can establish a network architecture for our production enterprises, paperless operation, provide instant information, reduce the probability of abnormal accidents, and ensure safe production.

The new product, the laboratory high-speed disperser, integrates multiple functions such as grinding, dispersion and mixing, and is equipped with different sanding discs, dispersion discs and mixing blades to meet different experimental needs.

New technology - application of water-based resin and development of new graphene materials.

Through the interaction with customers in this seminar, our team and our products can be better displayed to customers. All kinds of problems and demands raised by customers are also the direction of our subsequent product promotion and research and development.

Thank you for coming to our seminar in your busy schedule, and sincerely thank you for your experience exchange and sharing.






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