Congratulate Tongguang on the publicity of obtaining the qualification

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In 2016, the review of the qualification confirmation of the ninth batch of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises in Suzhou has been completed. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Qualification Confirmation of Small and medium-sized technology-based Enterprises in Suzhou (Trial) (Sukegui [2013] No. 1), the list of 162 enterprises to be confirmed (see the attachment) is now publicized. The publicity period is 7 days from November 17, 2016 to November 23, 2016.

If any unit or individual has any objection to the publicized enterprise, it can raise it in writing within the publicity period, and list the reasons for objection and relevant supporting materials. If the proposal is made in the name of an individual, his/her real name, unit, contact address and telephone number shall be indicated; If it is proposed in the name of the unit, it shall be affixed with the official seal of the unit. In principle, anonymous objections will not be accepted.

Contact address: Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau, No. 979, Renmin Road, Suzhou

Postal Code: 215000

Contact department: Supervision Office of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau 65233508

High tech Development and Industrialization Division of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau 65227947

Appendix: List of enterprises to confirm the qualification of the ninth batch of high-tech SMEs in Suzhou in 2016

Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau

November 17, 2016

The following is the list of enterprises in Bacheng:

31 Tongguang (Jiangsu) New Material Technology Co., Ltd

46 Suzhou Runhong Anchuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd

53 Kunshan Dilebao Precision Technology Co., Ltd

56 Kunshan Tushan Construction Parts Co., Ltd

57 Kunshan Wenzhuo Auto Parts Co., Ltd

61 Kunshan Haida CNC Technology Co., Ltd

62 Suzhou Longyu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd


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