Training on application of mineral oil and bacterial fertilizer

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Frost is cold and dew is cold. It is the time when the yellow leaves condense into frost. On November 23, 2022, a product knowledge training course was being held in the ladder classroom on the first floor of T-Bright Office Building in Hubei Province.

The training was delivered by Zhang Qinghua, General Manager. President Zhang explained the basic characteristics, mechanism of action, product advantages, application scope, etc. of the product 'Nongbaicui Mineral Oil' in humorous, lively and easy to understand language, and everyone learned about the superior performance of Nongbaicui products and their application characteristics in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Then, the product '666 bacterial fertilizer' and 'microbial bacterial fertilizer' were introduced to you by way of question and answer, to answer your questions.

During the training, everyone participated enthusiastically and interacted actively, and felt that they benefited a lot - they not only learned about pesticides and fertilizers, but also learned about the company's rich product lines at a deeper level.





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Training on application of mineral oil and bacterial fertilizer
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