Mineral oil 4L
Mineral oil 4L

1. Agricultural mineral oil

2. Features: highly efficient and environment-friendly pesticides, low toxicity, no resistance, broad-spectrum prevention and control, environmentally friendly, no pesticide residues

3. Main prevention objects

Control of mites, scale insects, whitefly, soot, powdery mildew, etc

Product Description

1. Product Features

① Non toxic and residue free food grade mineral oil.

② The insecticidal spectrum is extremely extensive, with excellent effect and long duration. Nongbechui can kill tea mites, scale insects, whitefly, soot and other diseases at the same time when used alone.

③ It can be used at the early stage of disease occurrence and has good prevention effect.

④ It is safe for natural enemies. Long term use can cultivate natural enemies in the field, achieve 'pest control', reduce the number of drug use year by year, and reduce the control cost by more than half.

⑤ It is mixed with pyrethroid pesticides such as Uranus, imidacloprid and other internal absorption pesticides, and the organic tea garden mineral oil is mixed with matrine, toosendanin, rotenone, nicotine and other botanical pesticides, significantly increasing the control effect and prolonging the duration.

2. Advantages of Nongbaicui products:

① High temperature resistance (it has little to do with temperature, and it is not limited by temperature when the tree grows normally without dehydration)

② The emulsification stability is good. The oil-water separation time has been tested many times according to the test speed, and the control is accurate (40-60 minutes) to ensure the maximum efficacy

③ Less foam, fast defoaming, ensuring the integrity of blade film formation

④ The crude oil has strict quality control, excellent material selection, and the product is clear or yellowish without odor and mottle. The plant safety emulsifier is selected with aromatic smell, no illegal ingredients, and easy to degrade without residue

⑤ The permeability is moderate, which can effectively dissolve the shell coating of insects such as scale insects, ensure that other effective ingredients of pesticides can enter the pest body to kill the target pests, and ensure the maximum efficacy. For fungal infectious diseases, it can penetrate the leaves to the mesophyll and do not damage the tender parts due to the strong permeability

3. What are the functions of Nongbaicui?

① Insect prevention: an oil film is formed on the insect body to seal the stomata, so that the pests can be suffocated to death, or the capillary action can enter the stomata to kill the pests. At the same time, the physical suffocation can directly kill the eggs and prolong the duration.

② Sterilization: As a bactericide, mineral oil mainly prevents or alleviates diseases through the principle of physical isolation.

③ Removal: It can effectively remove soot, moss, dust and other pollutants on the surface, improve the glossiness of leaves and fruit surfaces, and help photosynthesis.

④ Synergism: The compatibility with other herbicides, bactericides and insecticides can improve the adhesion and spreading ability of the herbicides, so it can improve the control effect.


Ulcer scheme: Nongbechui 300 times+copper agent 1000 times

Lichen scheme: Nongbaicui 150 times+Daisen Manganese Zinc 600 times

Garden cleaning plan: Nongbaicui 200 times+copper agent 1000 times+Daisen manganese zinc 1000 times