Microbial fertilizer 666
Microbial fertilizer 666

1. Functional strain: Bacillus amylolyticus

2.Effective viable bacteria ≥  1 billion/mL 

3. With three organic certifications (China Organic Certification, EU Organic Certification and America Organic Certification), applicable to organic agricultural production

4. Product use: prevent and control post harvest diseases, leaf diseases and soil borne diseases of fruits. Promote crop growth, increase yield and improve quality.

5. Features: broad-spectrum, green, environmentally friendly, natural and safe

6. Raw materials: 666 microbial bacterial fertilizer is made of 100% pure natural corn protein, meat and bone meal, milk powder and other raw materials, and added with patented live beneficial engineering bacteria.

Product Description

1. 666 Product Advantages:

① Good quick effect, especially for Solanaceae and melons

② With its own bactericidal effect, it has a good effect on nutrient deficiency and pathological poor growth (especially for seasonal crops, solanaceae, melons and leafy vegetables).

③ Spraying before harvest can prolong the storage time after harvest, which has a protective effect on airborne fungal infection.

2. Function:

① Activate soil and improve soil fertility ② Suppress disease and enhance stress resistance ③ Promote growth, increase yield and income ④ Save energy and reduce pollution ⑤ Effectively improve product quality and taste