Position Name
Junior college
2 years
Zhijiang, Chengdu, Guilin, Ganzhou, Linyi

Job description: According to the annual business objectives of the company, formulate and implement the sales plan for customers in the responsible area and channel; Collect information of customers and potential customers; Be responsible for the application and promotion of new products and the development of customers in the responsible regions and channels; Implement new project plan, etc.

Work area (Zhijiang, Chengdu, Guilin, Ganzhou, Linyi)

Job responsibilities:

1 Formulate sales plans for the responsible regions and channels, develop and maintain target markets, and achieve sales targets.

2 Be responsible for accurately predicting the quarterly and annual consumption of customers and submitting the rolling supply plan of products.

3 Draft the supply and sales contract, submit it to the head of the sales department for approval, and participate in the contract review.

4 Fill in the production plan declaration form and submit it to the Production Department and the Logistics Department according to customer needs.

5 Regularly visit customers, collect and timely feed back customer site and industry information, and coordinate on-site technical support.

6 Assist in credit evaluation of customers, and be responsible for collection of sales payment.

7 Be responsible for properly handling customer complaints, and assist in providing samples, returns, and replacements.

8 Other tasks assigned by the head of the sales department.


1 College degree or above in marketing, economics, management and other related majors;

2 At least two years of sales experience in pesticide or related industries;

3 Be familiar with the operation of sales channels and marketing methods of relevant products;

4 Have strong expression ability and communication and coordination ability;

5. Loving and dedicated, hardworking, and able to travel for a long time.

Secondary specialized school
2 years

Job description: implement the process documents and operation methods of the position; Be responsible for the product quality of the post to ensure that the found nonconforming products are not transferred to the next process; Abide by and implement various rules and regulations to prevent equipment and personal accidents.

Job responsibilities:

1 Implement the process documents and operation methods of the post, and operate carefully.

2 Exercise their own authority according to the process control procedures, and fill in quality records and shift handover records as required.

3 Be responsible for the product quality of the post, keep abreast of the fluctuation of product quality in each process during manufacturing, and take remedial measures when necessary.

4 Carefully analyze, handle and report the quality problems.

5 Ensure that the nonconforming products found are not transferred to the next process.

6 Observe and implement various rules and regulations to prevent equipment and personal accidents.

Job requirements:

1 Technical secondary school degree or above, major in machinery, instrument, chemical engineering, etc;

2 At least two years working experience in manufacturing enterprises;

3 Experience in electrician, welder, lathe operator and forklift is preferred;

4 Good at learning, strong practical ability, team spirit and collective sense of honor.

5 Be able to adapt to shift work.