T-Bright Technology and Suzhou University have reached the intention of industry university coopera

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In order to speed up the pace of technological innovation of technology-based enterprises, Bacheng Science and Technology Office actively did a good job of matchmaking, and helped T-Bright (Jiangsu) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and the Department of Materials and Chemistry of Suzhou University to work together. Chairman Chen Chongguang of T-Bright Science and Technology and Professor Su Dahuang reached a cooperation intention on carrying out the technical development and industrialization project of water-based UV curable coatings and ink resins on June 7, 2017 after many friendly consultations.




T-Bright Science and Technology has rich experience in coating formulation technology and construction application technology. The Material and Chemical Department of Suzhou University has strong advantages in waterborne coating resin synthesis technology and equipment. The two sides take the opportunity of building a graduate workstation in Jiangsu Province to complement each other's advantages through industrial and technological cooperation.




Professor Huang He has in-depth research in the field of waterborne UV curable resin synthesis technology. He has independent intellectual property rights and technical core. Through the joint efforts of both parties, he has applied high-performance waterborne UV curable resin to the field of coatings and inks, replacing traditional solvent coatings and ink products. The market potential is huge, which conforms to the green development direction of national security and environmental protection, and has good economic and significant social benefits.


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