T-Bright Technology donates microbiological operation laboratory to the United Nations General Asse

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On May 29, 2017, in the conference room of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Taiwan National Union University, a ceremony was held for T-Bright (Jiangsu) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to donate a microbial operation laboratory to the university. Associate Professor Huang Shuling, the secretary of the president's office of the United Nations University, Professor Zhao Enzhong, the head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and Chen Chongguang, the chairman of T-Bright Science and Technology, attended the donation ceremony.




In May 2016, T-Bright Technology signed an industry university cooperation agreement with the United Nations General Assembly on 'R&D and industrialization of waterborne polyurethane graphene composites', and won the approval of Kunshan City's 2016 Taiwan science and technology cooperation project. A special laboratory for project research has been established in the United Nations General Assembly, equipped with major R&D personnel, developed high-performance waterborne polyurethane resin and graphene effectively and stably dispersed slurry in liquid phase, and applied for three patents.




In order to further deepen cross-strait cooperation in industry and education, T-Bright Science and Technology and the United Nations General Assembly have determined to carry out close technical cooperation in the field of new generation biomedical materials. With Taiwan's strong technical advantage in ranking third in the global medical technology level, the United Nations General Assembly invited the Institute of Student Medicine and Medical Materials of Taiwan Institute of Technology, Taiwan Yangming Medical Engineering College and other relevant materials and medical doctors to form a research and development team, We carried out research on topics such as '3D printing technology for orthopedic/spinal absorbable implants', '3D printing technology for living cell tissues', and 'compound plant anti-tumor drugs'. The microbial operation laboratory donated by T-Bright Science and Technology this time marks that the cooperation of this project has entered the substantive start-up stage.




The two sides agreed that the preliminary research work of a series of cooperative topics on biomedical materials will be carried out in the laboratory of the United Nations General Assembly, and the technical achievements formed will be industrialized and market operated by T-Bright Technology. Through industry university cooperation, efforts will be made to introduce the leading biomedical materials technology in Asia to the mainland, contributing to the development of biomedical materials.




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