Build a good platform to promote the development of the industry

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Spring is colorful, while summer is verdant. In this beautiful season, our company is honored to hold the 2016 epoxy flooring technology seminar with BYK, aiming to promote the development of technology application in the flooring industry, so that customers can better understand the performance of BYK products and their application in this field.

From June 2 to 3, 2016, the epoxy floor technology seminar jointly held by our company and BYK was successfully held in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, Bacheng, Kunshan. Nearly 30 customers from East China attended the conference. During the meeting, we further learned about BYK additive products, saw the application cases of floor coating additives, and also learned about water-based polyurethane and solvent-free polyurethane products, water-based epoxy curing agent products, etc.


We would like to thank Mr. Di Wenzhao, Technical Manager of BYK Architectural Coatings, Mr. Zhang Lei, Engineer, Mr. Fu Qiang, Technical Manager of Bayer, and Dr. Yan Zhenlong, Air Chemical Products (China) Investment Company for their technical support and experience sharing.

The convening of this seminar is like building a good platform for mutual communication between customers and us in this industry, enhancing mutual information communication, technical exchange, and sharing of advantages and disadvantages, so as to better promote the development of the industry. In the future, our company will provide more platforms for customers to more effectively promote the application and development of BYK products in various industries.


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