School enterprise cooperation, production and learning win-win

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Recently, Tongguang (Jiangsu) Information Technology Co., Ltd., our company, and the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Union University of Taiwan, carried out an industry university research cooperation entitled 'Preparation of polyurethane/graphene nanocomposites in aqueous solution and its characteristics'.

In the afternoon of May 12, Chairman Chen Chongguang of our company and Professor Huang Shuling, the director of the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Union University of Taiwan, signed an industry university research agreement at Union University. After the agreement is signed, we will make full use of our equipment advantages and production conditions to provide good production test and industrialization conditions for the school. At the same time, the school will provide technical support for our long-term development, strategic positioning and improvement of independent innovation ability, Promote the development of our company in the high-tech industry, form a situation of mutual promotion and common development of disciplines and industries, and achieve 'school enterprise cooperation, industry and school win-win'.


In the afternoon of May 14, in Beijing, our company signed the 'Capillary Heat Exchanger Cooperative Research and Development Project' with China Agricultural University to promote the application of capillary products in new fields.


The signing of these agreements and the implementation of new projects will certainly better promote the development of our company, and more effectively reflect the quality policy of 'customizing, improving value; being brave in innovation and pursuing excellence'.


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