Solvent for Coatings
Solvent for Coatings

Product Category:

White Mineral Oil(SPIRDANE),

Refined Kerosene(KETRUL),


Refined Paraffin Solvents(HYDROSEAL),

Aromatic solvents(SOLVAREX,Toluene,Xylene)

Product Description

All kinds of coatings formulation needs to satisfy withspecificationrequired which is based on applied condition such as indoor or outdoor, substrate (wood, metal, plastic and fiber and so on) and temperature (air-drying, baking). Formulator should select suitable raw material in order to get property in balance to meetstandard. Solvent is very important factor in both water-born and solvent-borncoatings during it reacts to film. Solvent directly influences final coatings film property in drying schedule, film formation temperature, hardness and viscosity and so on.

White Mineral Oil(SPIRDANE)

Ⅰ.Outstanding performance

-Very high purity

-Good dissolving capacity to alkyd resin

-Wide array of evaporation rate

-Very low aromatic or benzene content


-SPIRDANE is well-known as its high purity in de-aromatization

-D40 and D60 is widely used in resin manufacture, coatings and clear coat formulation

-Used in high solid content coatings and clear coat as its outstanding solubility

-Applied in low VOCs coatings formulation with water or without water

-Used in other industry including to diluent, paint brush stripper, cleaner and degreasant