Municipal leaders come to our company to investigate the development of enterprises

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On December 17, 2021, municipal leaders Yao Yingjiu and Yi Liqiang came to our company for investigation.

At the construction site of the mineral oil new material project in Yaojiagang Chemical Park, Zhang Qinghua, the person in charge of our company, introduced our production status, business status, new technology development progress and the construction of projects under construction to the municipal leaders. The municipal leaders greatly appreciated our company's efforts in safety management while accelerating the progress of project construction.

The research team pointed out that other enterprises in the park should follow the example of Tongguang in Hubei Province, tighten the safety production string at all times, further improve safety awareness, adhere to safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management, and earnestly implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production; We should speed up the construction progress of the project, strive to put it into production as soon as possible, and contribute to the '80 billion dash to win the closing battle' of Zhijiang City.




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