Composition: Anionic aliphatic polyurethane dispersion

Appearance: translucent

Solid content: 35 ± 1%

Viscosity: ≤ 200 mPa · s

P H: 7~8

Storage period: 12 months (between 5-35 ℃, avoid freezing and light)

Packaging: 200KG/barrel

Product Description

Product features:

1. Good water resistance and toluene resistance

2. Good resistance to bending, falling and abrasion

3. Strong adhesion

4. It has good fullness

Product application:

1. It is mainly used for water-based wood paint and decorative paint of other substrates.

2. The hardness of TG-1218 film can reach H, and the film can reach perfect performance after 5-7 days. A small amount of film forming aids can be added to assist film forming (2% is recommended).

3. Under normal climatic conditions, one coat can be reapplied in 2-3 hours.