Appearance: milky white with blue light

Solid content: 47 ± 1%

Cross linking mode: self crosslinking at room temperature

Fluorine content: > 10% (based on solid content)

Density: 1.05~1.08 g/ml (25C °)

Brinell viscosity:<1000 mpa • s

Theoretical glass transition temperature: 30 ℃

P H value: 7 ~ 9

Ion attribute: anionic

*It only represents typical results and is not considered as a specification, subject to specific COA.

Product Description

Waterborne fluorocarbon anti graffiti lotion

Product features:

1. The fluorocarbon lotion is polymerized by a unique polymerization process and grafted with a special silicone monomer;

2. It can be self crosslinked at room temperature, with high crosslinking degree and better baking effect;

3. High weather resistance, high stain resistance, excellent dry and wet adhesion;

4. With good hardness and scratch resistance, the surface feels smooth;

5. Anti graffiti paint can be prepared. The handwriting on the water-based whiteboard can be easily cleaned.

First aid:

Eyes: If this product is splashed into eyes, rinse them with water immediately. If you still feel unwell, ask a doctor for treatment.

Skin: If the skin is contaminated with this product, wash it with soap and water or use appropriate industrial cleaning agent.

Inhalation or ingestion: If this product is accidentally swallowed, please ask a doctor for treatment immediately.

Storage method:

The storage environment shall be dry, cool, well ventilated, and the storage temperature shall be 5-35 ℃; The packaging container must be kept closed.

The storage period is 12 months. After that, it can be used again after passing the inspection.


50 kg/plastic bucket.


The use conditions of customers are beyond our control, and we cannot guarantee that all recommendations and suggestions are appropriate. The relevant technical specifications will change, so no further explanation will be given.