Appearance: milky white liquid

Solid content: 31 ± 1%

Density: 1.17 ~ 1.19 g/ml

P H value: 11 ~ 12

Viscosity: 12 ~ 18 S (T - 4 cups)

Module: 4.8 ± 0.3

*It only represents typical results and is not considered as a specification, subject to specific COA.

Product Description

Special resin for waterborne inorganic zinc rich coating

Product features:

1. High modulus potassium silicate modified by organic macromolecule polymer has good film forming performance, and the paint film is not easy to crack;

2. Fast drying speed, strong adhesion, excellent flexibility, impact strength and other physical and mechanical properties;

3. The coating is allowed to be applied within the temperature range of 5~40 ℃, and can also be roller coated, with good construction performance.


TG-9800 has high modulus and high activity. It is used as self curing waterborne inorganic zinc rich primer and as the main agent of waterborne inorganic zinc rich coating. This coating is used as a rust proof primer for steel surface, and uses its electrochemical protection. As a sacrificial anode, zinc powder has excellent corrosion resistance, solvent resistance and weather resistance, and is known as the king of long-term anti-corrosion coatings.

usage method:

Ratio: TG-9800: zinc powder=1:2.6 (weight)

Mixing: use a power mixer to mix the TG-9800, slowly pour the zinc powder into the mixing process (do not add the TG-9800 into the powder to prevent caking), and mix until there is no caking and it can pass the 60 mesh screen.

Construction: all tools shall be washed with clean water before use, and the product shall be filtered before coating. In order to avoid zinc dust precipitation, it is recommended to carry out continuous mixing during construction.

Equipment cleaning:

When there is a short pause in the spraying process, the spray gun shall be cleaned in time to prevent gun blockage. Clean the equipment in time after use.

matters needing attention:

1. The requirement of zinc powder is 400 mesh spherical zinc powder, which shall not be affected by moisture. It is recommended to select zinc powder with good fluidity of solid particles.

2. In the process of dilution, it is generally unnecessary to add additional water for dilution. Under special circumstances (the construction environment temperature is very high), only a small amount of water is added.

Storage method:

The storage environment shall be dry, cool, well ventilated and avoid high temperature. The packaging container must be kept closed.

The storage period is 12 months. After that, it shall be used after passing the inspection.




The use conditions of customers are beyond our control, and we cannot guarantee that all recommendations and suggestions are appropriate. The relevant technical specifications will change, so no further explanation will be given.