Appearance: white lotion

Ion type: anionic/non-ionic

Solid content, wt%: 38-42

Density, g/cm3: 1 one

P H value: 7.0-7.5

Viscosity (25 ℃), mPa. s: 20 ~ 300

Tensile strength (initial/50 ℃ 7 days), MPa: -

Elongation (initial/50 ℃ 7 days),%: 300

100% modulus (initial/50 ℃ 7 days), MPa: 12

Product Description


1. When diluting lotion, deionized water must be used. If tap water is used, demulsification and flocculation may occur.

2. When it is used as printing adhesive, it is not suitable to disperse the pigments and fillers directly into lotion, otherwise the pigments and fillers will be poorly dispersed. The pigments and fillers must be dispersed first before resin mixing.

3. This lotion is not suitable for very strong shear conditions.

Storage method:

Please place it in a cool and dry place away from light. The storage temperature should be 5~30 ℃. Keep the package intact. The shelf life of this product is six months from the date of production. If it exceeds six months, it is recommended to conduct a performance evaluation before use. This product needs to be strictly protected from frost. After opening the package, it is recommended to use it up at one time.


25KG/barrel 50KG/barrel 120KG/barrel 1000KG/square tank


The use conditions of customers are beyond our control, and we cannot guarantee that all recommendations and suggestions are appropriate. The relevant technical specifications will change, so no further explanation will be given.