Composition: Self crosslinking acrylate at room temperature

Appearance: Bluish lotion

Solid content: 44-46

P H:7.5~8.5

Viscosity: < 10mPa. s

Density: 1.03g/mL

Solvent: water

Glass transition temperature: 60 ℃

Storage period: 12 months (between 5-35 ℃, avoid freezing and light)

Product Description

Product features:

1. Environmentally friendly resin, high gloss, zero VOC

2. Good alcohol resistance, paint film hardness 2H

3. Good toughness, good stretching, good permeability, water resistance, no whitening, no peeling.

4. Easy to construct, both self drying and drying

5. Excellent anti fouling and anti retrogradation

6. Non flammable, non-toxic and harmless

Product application:

1. It is mainly used for wood coatings, primer and finish.

2. As a wood primer, it has the advantages of good sanding performance and no sandpaper adhesion.

3. The drying speed is fast, and the surface drying time is 10-15 minutes.

Use suggestions:

1. In order to better film forming at room temperature, film forming aids or plasticizers are added when using